Thursday, February 20, 2014

On page 33, Tough refers to "Blair and Evan's research, suggesting that regular good parenting-being helpful and attentive during a game of Jenga-can make a profound difference for a child's future prospects."

This made me wonder how our 24/7 connection to technology, social media, emails and the Internet will affect our ability to truly be in the moment with our children as parents.

 As educators, I wonder, how addressing so many needs and demands at once in a classroom, will impact our ability to be in the moment with our students, which proves to make the difference. How do we continue to balance connectivity, ever increasing demands and yet be in the moment with  face to face interactions and connections with our students?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In his introduction, Tough discusses the cognitive hypothesis-the commonly held assumption that success depends primarily on cognitive skills. How is the cognitive hypothesis reflected in the curriculum? What are your experiences and thoughts?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome to the Nate Perry Blog

Please consider joining with the NPE Community for an online book study of How Children Succeed. Staff and families together are encouraged to read this book to learn and grow. As we begin next month, I will post thought provoking questions to guide our reading and thinking. As with things that are new, I am sure I will encounter some bumps along the way, but I appreciate you coming along for the ride. Join us at the PTO meeting on February 4th at 6pm to learn more.
Also, watch this video to see why this book and why now!