Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer time at NPE brings a variety of activity, and people always ask me, "What do you do all summer?"So I thought I would share as we are a few weeks into the summer what I am actually doing when I am at school.  I continue to reflect and take the feedback from this past school year and plan out many details of the upcoming school year.  My excitement for the 2014-2015 school year continues to grow. I had the pleasure of meeting and planning with our PTO Officers this week and I am excited about the collaboration, support and events for the upcoming school year. Summer is a funny time for me as it is drastically different than the school year, without kids and many adults there is time to slow down think and plan, but I do miss the kids, adults and all the action quite a bit! Our custodial staff is amazing and they continue to work to clean and set up all of our learning spaces. In the office, we too are busy ordering, organizing mailings and welcoming new students as they arrive to us. We have a good amount of trainings too in the summer for teachers but also for the administrative group to continue to focus and plan for the vision in Liverpool.
My goal this year is to blog weekly to give an honest, open reflection and update to the NPE Community. I hope everyone is reading and enjoying some summertime fun!