Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2015

This past weekend I had the privilege of observing my own son pushing himself beyond the limits as he was being tested to earn his black belt. Outside of the pride I felt as a mother, it really refocused my attention to our conversations and work with GRIT! Grit is perseverance and passion for long-term goals. In today’s instant gratification and 24/7 societies, we as parents, educators and coaches of the next generation, sometimes fail to let our own struggle enough to develop this grit. Grit is one of the most powerful indicators of success, even more important than intelligence. Grit means things are tough and they get tougher before accomplishments occur.

We worry, I know I do about all the kids in my care, that this will hurt self-esteem, that we need to support and guide more, but sometimes this is at the detriment of all of our children’s long-term success. Struggle is one of the greatest gifts to develop grit. When we let our own struggle with a problem, social situation, or personal interaction, we are empowering them with the attitude that they can solve it, conquer it, and rise above it! There will not be an immediate fix that we did for them.

 I urge you to continue to think about letting your child struggle and work hard, and even be unsure. At school, we will also work to continue to balance support and plan for struggle, putting a focus on affording our kids the opportunities to, not have all the answers, deal with the social situation on their own, with all of our support and guidance, but allow them to achieve themselves. In all work with children, everything we do has vast impact. Our greatest pride as parents and educators come from this, as do our biggest fears. These things matter. The way we ALL work with our children matters and we know it!

March is a busy month at NPE and hopefully one that affords us a more typical schedule than the cold month of February. I hope to see you all at the PTO meeting at 6:30 on March 3rd. I will begin by addressing redistricting and discuss the upcoming assessments, NPE events and some of the educational topics that have been flooding the media.  

Together, we will all continue to grow and reflect and the impact on each and every child at NPE will be a powerful one!

Warm regards,
Dana Ziegler

March Reminders
3rd- PTO Meeting 6:30 pm
6th- ½ Day Parent-Teacher Conferences
13th- Report Cards go home
19th- Kindergarten Registration
         PTO Denny’s Fundraiser
20th- No School- Superintendent Conference Day
31st- Math Night for Grades 3-6 @ 6 pm